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painting with plants using Woolly Pockets
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Commercial Green Walls

  • Vertical garden in a bar
  • Tower Garden
1 2 3 Vertical garden in a bar4 Tower Garden5
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial and residential property developments,
  • Building foyers 
  • Indoor and outdoor atriums.
All have been enhanced with successful plant wall installations of all sizes in New Zealand.  The Wally Gro system has been used worldwide, widely tested and proven as an effective scalable green wall system.

Wally Gro and plant wall system sales for landscapers and designers

As well as public product sales and both commercial and residential installations, offer trade pricing to approved trade customers on wall system products.  We also source and sell plants for plant walls through our own nursery.

Installation provide free no-obligation itemised quotes for green wall installations covering:
  • plant wall measurement and design
  • plant wall costs
  • plants and growing medium
  • irrigation (and automatic timing systems)
  • installation labour
Contact us to discuss plant wall designs and dimensions for your project


Green walls require maintenance to keep them looking good. offer a range of flexible maintenance services depending on requirements:
  1. Weekly / fortnightly watering and servicing contract (alternative to irrigation system or customer watering). To water and maintain fortnightly / weekly: Cost depending on wall size and location.*
  2. Routine maintenance 6-8 weekly (irrigated or client watered walls)$80+GST per visit (up to 1hr then $65 per hour if more work required)*
  3. Ad hoc maintenance $125+GST per call out (up to 1hr then $65 per hour if more work required)*

* Plus any plant replacement costs if required.



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