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painting with plants using Woolly Pockets
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Nifty Tips

1. Choose a wall

Pick a location that is suitable for plants, i.e, has an appropriate amount of natural light or full spectrum UV grow lighting.

2. Choosing Plants

Choose plants that are suitable for your growing conditions considering natural or artificial light, temperature etc. (If you need guidance please feel free to ask us). Purchase approx 3 full sized 12 – 18cm plants per pocket, ideally with enough spilling, thrilling and filling foliage and approx 2 liters of high quality indoor potting soil per pocket.

3. Irrigation

Very simple using 3mm irrigation pipe, contact us for advice 09 276 2471 

Planting Directions

1. Hang Wally
Use included hardware for appropriate wall type. Mark the wall, pre-drill and set wall anchors (if necessary) prior to hanging.
2. Soil Fill
Fill Wally half way up with premium soil (if installing automatic drip irrigation, then install it behind Wally's tongue and test entire system prior to adding soil. Once soil has been added, adjust drip lines so that they are above or at soil level). 3. Spillers, fillers & thrillers Arrange plants in Wallys prior to planting (leaving them in their plastic pots makes arranging easier) in this order: 1. Spillers (plants that hang over) 2. Fillers (plants that cover) 3. Thrillers (exciting stuff) 4. Remove plants from their plastic pots Soak the root ball in a bucket filled with room temperature water, and then plant them in Wally firmly against Wally's tongue. Start at the top so falling soil doesn't get stuck in the plants below. Top off soil so that rootballs are covered and soil comes up to no more than 2 centimeters from front of Pocket.
5. Water Wally's tongue
Water Wally's tongue with 3 cups of water per pocket (ie 3 x 3 cups for Wally Three). The best and easiest way to water Wallys is with graduated 1 to 3 gallon pump sprayer with a long spray and. If Wally's breathable front becomes damp or drips, water more carefully with a little less water the next time. Remember to only water Wally's tongue, not your plant (although some plants do like misting).



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