Project Highlights

  • An interior vertical garden designed and installed by one of our customers, the Perc Cafe in Dunedin.

    The Cafe opts for freshness, natural decor and food made with love.

    In the past few years, Living Walls/Vertical Gardens gained popularity as more individuals are looking to respect more the environment, for sustainable options and healthy food. Most of us are looking for more interactions with Nature in our everyday busy city lives.

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    Perc Cafe, Dunedin

  • Dairy Flat

    A massive project

    Over 200 single pockets were needed for this project, they were planted with more than 500 plants, 38 of which were orchids. More than 160 hours of labour where needed to pull of this amazing project. From design, installation, planting, ... and long beach walks finding the perfect piece of drift wood.

    From a blank wall painted black, to pockets installation, drip trays fitting, irrigation testing and greenery planting discover the unfolding of this amazing Wally Pro (Woolly) Pocket wall.

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    Urban jungle, Dairy Flat

  • VWP - Wally Pocket outdoor Wall - Kerike

    The Bay of Islands airport has undergone a complete makeover in 2019, and now includes an impressive outdoor wall.

    After a week work this beautiful wall is now greeting Kerikeri arrivals

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    Kerikeri Airport

  • In Pakiri there is a Wally Pro Pocket wall that tells a story. It's the story of the undersea, the balance that is created between the movement of waves, the seaweeds dance and the marine life.

    More than 120 single pockets and 320 plants where needed to recreate a vision of the undersea and its beauty.

    The planting was designed to tell a story but also in respect to different plants needs, water consumption, light levels...

    Pakiri Beach House

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