Urban Jungle, Dairy Flat

Lost in the middle of the green fields of Dairy Flat, we have had the opportunity to install one of our largest Wally Pro (Woolly Pockets) Green Wall to date.

Designed to fill out the walls of a stunning living room and hug the windows for an all year round tropical look.

It is truly a massive project!

Over 200 single pockets were needed for this project, they were planted with more than 500 plants, 38 of which were orchids.

More than 160 hours of labour where needed to pull of this amazing project. From design, installation, planting, ... and long beach walks finding the perfect piece of drift wood.


Check out the steps of the project:

From a blank wall painted black, to pockets installation, drip trays fitting, irrigation testing and greenery planting discover the unfolding of this amazing Wally Pocket wall

Pictures 10 months in, as you can see the jungle is well settled and the plants are loving it!